Karen and Andrew's wedding, March 2003

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For the quick tour, follow the asterisked highlights.

We have more photos like these at home...we've tried to put in all the good ones.

*lovecouple1 *doc_invitation

Registry Office (28th March 2003)


Waiting to go to the registry office

*prereg2 regoffice0 *registry1 regoffice4 regoffice5 regoffice7 regoffice9 regoffice8 registry2 regoffice1 regoffice10 registry3 registry4 regoffice2 regoffice6

In search of lunch


Yummy food at the Nosebag. They made a special exception to their "no bookings" rule.

nosebag1 nosebag2 nosebag

Lains Barn (30th March 2003)


Andrew's mum helping with the catering


The bride waiting upstairs


Bee calls to order


Andrew plays, hoping for Karen!

*flute3 flute1 flute2

Joy! Karen replies from her eeyrie.

*brides_eeyrie3 bride_in_eeyrie_r

The bride precesses

*aisle1 aisle2 aisle4

The Jewish Ceremony

*chuppah2 chuppah3 bridesmaid_lauren bridesmaids chuppah1

The Jewish legal marriage document (Ketubah)

*chuppah4 ketubah ketubah2 *doc_ketubah

Extempore interlude by Robert


The Spiritual Ceremony

*chuppah5 shelly shelly2

Performing to a captive audience "Feeling Good"

*feeling_good2 feeling_good feeling_good3

The owl and the Pussy Cat

*chuppah6 chuppah7 chuppah8

The spiritual side of the wedding



*samuel2_turn *daniella_and_namin_turn daniellasturn daphne_turn diana_turn frabjousday frabjousday2_turn frank_turn liz_turn felicity_clogs_turn felicity_turn

Apparently you can't have a wedding without a man in a kilt being present.

*phil_and_jenny_turn elgiva_turn ellen_turn samuel_turn *sarah_vc_turn skeletoncrew suzanna2_turn suzanna_turn *talia_turn rapt_audience *withbridesmaids

The Israeli Circle Dance

*circle_dance chairlift *chairlift2 circledance2 circledance3 *fullcircle circledance4 purplepeople *karenchair

Elissa toasts the bride and groom

*elissa_speech toast1 toast2

Thanks to Dick and Kirsty for the munchicious delights


Thanks to Dunav for the music (http://www.geocities.com/dunavuk)


Smoochy Ones

*lovecouple_and_HAT lovecouplesmooch lovecouple1 lovecouple2 lovecouple3 mr_and_mrs groom *hugs kiss *dancing lovecouple4 andrew_outside

Family Shots

samuel *shani *shelley_and_david sisters family family2 family3 family4 family5 girls_in_lilac kayparents auntie_in_law *andrew_and_david andrew_melanie


gracie_and_sarah caroline nezosh olga_elaine_tosh denmark_st_gang edwina_tim felicity_ros_diana


thatHAT owl_and_pussycat flamingo

Thanks to our ministering brother and sister team!


Trying out the chuppah beforehand


The card -- thanks for the lovely things you wrote

*cardpage1 *cardpage2

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