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This way for Wild Ruby Music.
Wild Ruby Music is a musical collaboration performing Sephardic Songs, jazzy and bluesy numbers, renaissance music and original compositions. We live in Oxford in the UK. In September 2005 we gave a concert of Sephardic Songs in aid of education in Lesotho.
This way for Invisibules comic strips.
Invisibules are abstract comics strips I invented on June 4th 2009 during a fifteen minute cycle ride between my office and my house at around 17.30 BST.
This way for Skeleton Crew.
Skeleton Crew is a group of amateur musicians of various sizes, with a mixed bag of acoustic instruments. We perform medieval, renaissance and baroque music (so called 'Early Music') as well as traditional folk music from many cultures and anything else we feel like. We play for public and private occasions, and we are based in Oxford (UK).
This way for Piano Rocketship.
Piano Rocketship presents Karen's solo repertoire "Songs from a Mirror World."
This way for Karen and Andrew's wedding pictures.

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