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In March 2005 we visited Lesotho, a tiny, independent country enclosed by South Africa. We stayed at Malealea Lodge, a beautiful setting in a beautiful country.

We met some local youngsters who are trying to raise cash for their education by running a craft shop. However they cannot raise money quickly enough -- to benefit while they are still young! There are fewer than 20 of them, and they need 2 years of education at £120 per year each to do their O-levels. They have set up a charitable trust specifically to address their needs. We have raised money for this fund by the generous donations of our friends, and by giving a concert. The band Skeleton Crew also donated a concert to this cause.

A heart-felt Thank You to everyone who donated -- we raised over £1000 in total!

Youngsters who may benefit Entertainment at Malealea Lodge Traditional Women's dance Dance band at Malealea Lodge Wild Ruby, prospective students and Milo the dog