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“Skeleton Crew impress immediately with their medieval folk and early music performances.” [David Murphy Reviews]

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“Particular highlights for me included the Saltarello, Two in one upon a ground and The Cat (but it was all marvellous), so I was delighted to find that all three of these pieces are on your latest CD.” [recent concert-goer]

“My ultimate favourite 'track' is no 26 'Saltarello' on 'Out of the Ground' cd. I play it over & over. . Makes me travel in another century & makes me feel in love with everthing.” [happy customer]

Out of the Ground CD cover, Judith pulls a lively flutist-skeleton out of the ground, watched by a maid and assisted by a trusty trowel

2011 "Out of the Ground" (full track list)

1 Basse dance: Falla con misuras — Magister Gulielmus (Italy, c. 1470)

2 Basse danse: la Magdalena-Tourdion — Pierre Attaignant (France, 1529)

3-4 Recercada Primera / Recercada Segunda — Diego Ortiz (Italy, 1553)

5 Auld Bob Morrice — Francesco Geminiani (Italy, 1749)

6 To Melon — Trad (Greece)

7 Basse danses: la Brosse / la Gatta — Pierre Attaignant (France, 1529)

8 Calata ala Spagnola — Joan-Ambrosio Dalza (Italy, 1508)

9 Divisions upon an Italian Ground — Robert Carr (England, 1686)

10-11 Recercada Settima / Recercada Quinta — Diego Ortiz (Italy, 1553)

12-17 Suite en Sol Majeur: Allemande / Courante / Sarabande / Gigue / Menuet / Chacone — Robert de Visée (France, 1716)

18 A Pretty hard Ground after the Scotch Humor to make a hand — Nicola Matteis (England, 1685)

19-20 Recercada Tercera / Recercada Quarta — Diego Ortiz (Italy, 1553)

21 Osogovko Oro — Trad (Macedonia)

22 Two in one upon a Ground — Henry Purcell (England, 1690)

23-25 Quinta Pars / Recercada Sesta / Recercada Ottava — Diego Ortiz (Italy, 1553)

26 Saltarello — Anon (Italy, late 14th c)

Bear Bones CD cover, Edward bear peeks out of a larger, smarter body


2005 "Bear Bones" (full track list)

Saltarello (anon. Italian, 14th c.)

Stella Splendens (anon. Spanish, 14th c.)

Qui souhaitez (Pierre Sandrin, mid-16th c.)

Vous qui voulez (Pierre Sandrin, mid-16th c.)

S'il est si doulx (Clément Janequin, 16th c.)

Ronde (Tielman Susato, 16th c.)

The Orphan (trad. Irish)

Ductia (anon. English, 13th c.)

Westron Wynde (anon. English, early 16th c.)

Saltarello (anon. Italian, 14th c.)

Waulkin' o' the Fauld (trad. Scottish)

Dave Shepherd / The Fairies' Fancy / Off to California / The Trumpet (English Hornpipes)

Muiñeira de Cabana (Por Emilio Corral) / Muiñeira do Caurel (Xosé Lois Foxo)

Basse dance: Falla con misuras (M. Gulielmus, late 15th c.)

Branles de Village (Robert Ballard, 1614)

Fantasia No. 8 in Em: Largo / Spirituoso / Allegro (G. P. Telemann, 1728)

The Silver Moon my Mistress Is (trad. Scottish, arr. Anne Macdearmid)

Motet: In Seculum / L'autre jour par un matin (anon. French, 13th c.)

Motet: Omnes / L'autre jour par un matinet (anon. French, 13th c.)

Motet: Eius / Par un matinet l'autrier (anon. French, 13th c.)

Christ der ist Erstanden (German, 15th c.; arr. anon. / Hans Judenkünig / Skeleton Crew)

The Hymn of the People of Ayocucho (trad. Peruvian)

Papel de Plata (trad. Argentinean)

Ojos Azules (trad. Argentinean)

La Rotta (anon. Italian, 14th c.)

Bone Idols CD cover, frolicking skeletons


2002 "Bone Idols" (full track list)

Reels: Merry Boys o'Greenland / Sleep Soond in da Morning / Willa Fiord (trad. Shetland)

Basse Danse: The Brush (Pierre Attaignant, early 16th c.)

Je Ne Fay Plus (Antoine Busnois, late 15th c.)

The Ireby Hobble (Tom Bliss, 1997)

Christ ist Erstanden (Hans Judenk√ľnig, 1523)

Basse Danse: The Cat (Pierre Attaignant, early 16th c.)

Toccata & Corrente in C minor (Michelangelo Galilei, 1620)

Follow Me Down to Carlow (trad. Irish)

Les Folies d'Espagne (Marin Marais, 1701)

My Lady Careys Dompe (anon., mid-16th c.; arr. Kay)

To Melon (trad. Greek)

Ze-I-Mpekkiko (trad. Greek)

Lamento di Tristan (anon., 14th c.; arr. Renbourn)

Marry Me Now (trad. Irish)

Trip to Sligo (trad. Irish)

Song of the Chanter (trad. Irish)

Gavotte & Aria from 'The Poppy' / Allegro from 'The Heliotrope' (James Oswald, 1756)

Mari Marijko (trad. Bulgarian)

Españoletas (anon. Spanish, 16th c.)

Thanks to E.T. for these skeletons having fun...

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