Sephardic Songs

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"Fantastic the way you introduced the songs in English I felt that I got so much more out of the songs."

"[T]he Sephardic songs for me are from a far off and strange culture- I really loved them."

The songs

We have recorded many (though not all) of these songs for our CD Some tiny extracts of both live and CD performances are available as MP3 by clicking on the songs below.

Sound FileSi Verias If you would see
Sound FileYo m'enamori d'un aireI'm in love with the air
Sound FilePaxaro de hermozura Bird of beauty
Abre tu puerta serrada Open your closed door
Avrix mi galanica Let me in, my love
Sound FileNani nani (live) Lullaby
Por la tu puerta yo pasi I passed by your door
Morenica Dark girl
Tres hermanicas eran There were three sisters
Sound FileLa serena Serenity
El rey de Francia The king of France
Ya salio de la mar la galanaShe came out of the sea
Partos trocados Babes exchanged
Durme, hermoso hijico Sleep, sweet darling son
El quiupri se duzido The bridge was levelled
Las muchachas de servir Serving girls
Sound FileEl encalador The whitewasher
Estrella The star
Los bilbilicos The nightingale
Esta montana d'enfrente This mountain before me

These songs are from the oral tradition of the Sephardim whose ancestors lived in the Iberian peninsula during the Spanish Golden Age. They spread to other parts of the Mediterranean, picking up the musical influences and stories of their new homelands. The result is a delicious mix of sounds and textures: Spanish, Jewish, Moorish, Greek, Turkish ...

The songs are predominantly in Ladino, which has, like its speakers, travelled from Judeo-Spanish, collecting words from Turkish, Greek, French, Italian and others.

We've enjoyed arranging the songs in our own way, inspired and guided by the wild magic of the melodies and lyrics. The stories are intense yet familiar and the songs live on.

Karen has not been the same since she fell in love with the music at a Sephardic concert in 1998. Andrew caught it from Karen.

You can find out more about Sephardic music in the Wikipedia.